Education Projects

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The Yorkshire Sound Women Network
Sound and Music Go Compose (20 days of electronic music reflection outputs)
‘Hear Me’: music production summer school 
Soldering noise instruments workshops
Sound and Music Go Compose (3 days)
Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces conference

The Yorkshire Sound Women Network [YSWN]
In July 2015 I called a meeting for women in our area to come together for knowledge and skills sharing. Together we formed the Yorkshire Sound Women Network. The network includes regional collectives in York, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Hebden Bridge and our affiliate group in Malta. All of these groups facilitate and deliver events and some have secured funding to deliver training – see this Sheffield YSWN film – other films can be viewed on the YSWN website.


‘Hear Me’: music production summer school for girls
In the summer of 2017 we delivered a project for girls. This included:

DJing with Melodies DJ Academy    
Ableton Live music production with Aja Ireland
Sound recording and composition with Caro C
Algoraving (computer coding beats) with Liz Dobson
Composing and performing with Susie Green


Soldering noise instruments workshops 2016 & 2017
As part of the European Researchers Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths (steAm) night I worked with Nina Richards to facilitate workshops on her noise instrument soldering lesson. See how participants responded to the experience.


Sound and Music: Go Compose
Date Delivered a three day Go Compose for young people to learn audio electronics and computer coding beats with John Richards and Alexandra Cardenas.


Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces 
This event will included sound installations, performances, conversations and papers on the followin– –

– Understanding challenges to diversity and access to music and sound technology institutions: documenting evidence of inclusive and exclusive space
– Strategies that disrupt institutional spaces
– Defining institutions and spaces of music and sound technology
– Feminist perspectives on music technology paradigms
– Men and masculinity in sound and music technology
– Creating social change and mobility for better access to all fields of music and sound technology

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