Yorkshire Sound Women Network

The Yorkshire Sound Women Network began in 2015 following I tweet I sent inviting women involved in music and sound technology to come together, share knowledge and launch the Yorkshire Sound Women Network. 16 people met in the basement of IQ Gaming in Huddersfield. They came from Staffordshire, Leeds, Huddersfield and Sheffield to explore the idea of this all women community.

We have since established the Yorkshire Sound Women Network C.I.C. which is not-for-profit organisation with a sustainable long term future thanks to the incredible hard work of the core working group.

YSWN will be 7 years old in July 2022 and the organisation has been hitting above its weight for some time now. You can read the latest annual report here: https://yorkshiresoundwomen.com/base/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/YSWN-Annual-Review-2020-21.pdf 

YSWN was named in 2015 but it is extremely important to note that the organisation is trans and non-binary gender inclusive, serving all marginalised people in audio.

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